Crypto Library

The Crypto Library gives affordable access to relevant reading materials for Bitcoin beginners to enthusiasts and helps spread knowledge and awareness. There are some great books to read that help you understand the ecosystem, however the costs for buying them all can add up quickly and you will not find many useful books at your local library (if it’s still open…).

To solve this Bitcoin Wales have created the #CryptoLibrary to provide access to these books. If you read the book and find it useful then we ask for a small crypto contribution, if you are financially able to, that will be added to the pot ready to buy another book to add to the library. If you cannot afford to contribute, then no problem.


Every time you read a #cryptolibrary book, you will be educating yourself, saving money, and if making a small crypto contribution you will be aiding the spread of knowledge to others.

If you would like to donate to the Crypto Library please send to one of the addresses below:

Bitcoin (Legacy)


Bitcoin (Segwit)






How Does it Work?

  • Attend one of our Meetup events to see if any books are available there, to return one or donate a book or follow the #cryptolibrary tag on Twitter to directly contact anyone who has one of our books and borrow from them.

  • If you are on Twitter then please tweet about it with the hashtag #cryptolibrary so others can trace/find the book and ask for it after you have read it.

  • If you find the book useful, use the wallet addresses attached to the books inside cover to make a small contribution towards a new book. We recommend confirming that the addresses are correct by cross referencing here: (BTC add / ETH add / LTC add / BCH Add?).

  • The library works on trust. Trust that you do not keep the book, that you make efforts to pass it on once read and make a contribution if able to. Like Bitcoin, it is not centrally controlled ;).

Books already in the library are:

If you have a book you have already bought that you would like to donate to the #cryptolibrary then please do!

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